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Who are we

VoIP Capital was formed in 2011 with the intention of providing working capital to wholesalers of VoIP, SMS and data. VoIP Capital has designed its services to assist wholesalers in closing the timing gap between the payments which need to be made to vendors for the purchase of wholesale routes and the eventual receipt of payment from their customers.

VoIP Capital brings together a wealth of telecommunications, financial, insurance, forex and legal experience to provide our customers with a service that is unparalleled in the telecommunications market. Through our dedicated and innovative team of professionals we can respond to our clients' needs quickly and efficiently. We do not adopt a “one size fits all" approach to our services and we are able to tailor each individual transaction to suit the specific needs of our client.

VoIP Capital is registered with, and regulated by, the Mauritius Financial Services Board.

What we do

VoIP Capital provides trade finance to its clients through the security obtained from clients receivables. On a daily basis, we refund to our clients the cost price of the traffic which they have taken from their credit approved customers on the previous day. VoIP Capital then collects payments directly from the customer at the end of the payment term. Clients are paid their margin as soon as payment is received from the customer.

  • Monitoring Systems

    Our systems determine the amount of traffic terminated by our clients on a real-time basis which ensures that our daily payments are accurate and made first thing in the morning.
  • No Exposure

    The daily payments to our clients are limited to the amount of credit guarantee insurance we can secure over our clients' customers. There is no exposure to our clients' balance sheet.
  • Daily Payments

    By paying our clients daily, our clients are able to leverage their existing cash-flows/credit terms and increase their margin exponentially.

Why work with us

VoIP Capital specialises in the wholesale carrier market, and understands its clients’ need for efficiency, expertise and discretion

  • Cash Flow Relief

    Relief from cash-flow pressures.
    VoIP Capital carries your credit risk.
    Negotiate greater discounts with your vendors as a result of being able to pay them daily.

  • More customers

    Grow your customer base with over 150 pre-approved customers.
    Offer bigger credit terms and cross-sell your routes to other VoIP Capital clients.

  • Grow your business

    Exponential increase in traffic and margin with no personal guarantees
    and no equity dilution.

VoIP Capital Wholesale Platform

In addition to its traditional financing services, VoIP Capital also works with a number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators to provide a seamless wholesale payment platform for their vendors who are unable to carry longer payment terms.

VoIP Capital interconnects directly into these operators and allows vendors to interconnect directly into the VoIP Capital switch. In this way vendors are able to sell their routes to VoIP Capital, for on-sale (on a completely transparent basis) to the operators. VoIP Capital pays the vendors as often as daily for the traffic that is being sent to them, and carries the payment terms of the operator. This removes the need for complicated financing agreements and assignment letters to be signed by the operators. In addition it is also able to credit enhance many of its clients through the wholesale platform, thereby enabling them to terminate meaningful volumes of traffic on those operators.

VoIP Capital makes the opportunities available on its wholesale payment platform available to all of its clients.


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Established in 2011

Clients in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Africa

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